Monday, July 7, 2014

Positive Youth Development: Oxford Bibliography in Social Work

Drs. Yoli Anyon and Jeffrey Jenson recently authored an Oxford Bibliography in Social Work entry on positive youth development (PYD), a framework for practice with children and youth. PYD suggests that a youth’s feelings of responsibility, connectedness, and positive values, coupled with an emphasis on strengths, can further youths’ ability to live a healthy and productive life. Anyon and Jenson’s bibliography offers a wide range of both practice- and policy- related resources for scholars and students interested PYD. Topics covered include:
  • Overview of the principles of PYD
  •  Centers and institutions (i.e., academic centers, policy institutes, clearinghouses) focusing on PYD research and linking stakeholders to resources
  •  Free manuals and guides for PYD practitioners and educators
  • Publications focusing on or including work on PYD
  • Federal policies promoting PYD in communities and schools
  •  Specific strategies for implementing effective PYD programs
  •  Effectiveness of PYD programming in fostering PYD, such as physical, emotional, and moral development
  • Challenges in advancing PYD and addressing challenges in future work

Pedagogical Implications

  • This bibliography can serve as a resource to educators developing syllabi for courses focused on positive youth development.
  • The annotated bibliography is a useful resource to students who are new to PYD.

For More Information

To learn more about Dr. Anyon’s work with PYD, check out her CV.


Anyon, Y., & Jenson, J. (in press). Positive youth development. In E. Mullin (Ed.). Oxford Bibliographies in Social Work. New York: Oxford University Press.  Available online:

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